Verallia invests €12m in Ukraine to modernize Zorya furnace #2

   Zorya furnace n°2 dedicated to very high quality extra-flint and flint glass production has been completely rebuilt, together with all its three production lines. Verallia has accordingly given itself the means to strengthen its positioning on the small and medium-run high-end markets. These new installations will also enable Zorya to extend its partnerships with many customers who have, over the years, expressed a real preference for extra-flint glass.


   With this new equipment, Zorya can count on extremely flexible manufacturing assets to ensure the continuous production of a wide range of bottles. Zorya employs over 800 people, makes 1 000,000 products a day, and produces over 200 different models a year.


   In the words of Verallia’s chairman and CEO, Jean-Pierre Floris: “All those investment could not be self-financed, and we take the decision to allocate more financial resources to Ukraine, because we believe in the skills and dedication of our employees, in the loyalty of our customers and in the support of the national and local authorities. This support is important as there are quite a number of administrative matters that can have a substantial impact on our operations on which the local, regional and national authorities can influence.”

   More than 120 people attended the inauguration of Zorya new installations including customers, government and local authority officials.