Our clients

Verallia’s main customers in Ukraine are primarily leading spirits, cognac and low-alcohol producers, which have won multiple awards for high quality products and are well known to Ukrainian consumers.

We also supply bottles and jars for juice, soft drinks, beer, champagne and wine producers.

Verallia in Ukraine offers a standard range of food jars to its customers, as well as an increasing number of personalized products in line with the highest European standards.  We supply multiple reputable food producers. As leading Ukrainian food producers are trying to diversify their product mix and come up with new, original packaging for their products, Verallia sees its task as improving the quality of the custom jars and bottles, which sometimes have quite elaborate designs and thus are difficult to manufacture.

Although Ukraine is and will remain our most important market, Verallia also exports its products to neighboring markets such as Poland, Russia and other Eastern European countries. Our clients abroad include both world-leading food and beverage producers as well as local brands.