Innovation day 2019 - what is new

 Following a good tradition of the event dedicated to innovative approach of Verallia, in June 2019 Verallia Ukraine organized Innovation Day occasion which from one side accumulates and present the latest achievements of Verallia Group all over the world, but form others show market proximity.

 This year during the meeting Verallia Ukraine presented the new concept of their market strengths: Perfect Complement in which based on 5 advantages product news in portfolio was presented. One of Verallia Ukraine furnaces specialized on premium products production in extra flint glass both for alcoholic drinks and food categories. Except extra flint glass concept discovers Flexible lines possibilities and tall ware. For 2018 numerous projects were launched based on these technologies.

 As always a special attention draw Selective Line, high end brand of Verallia, with news in La Collection and StyleBook 2020, where in line with main two trends DIVAGATION and INCANDESCENCE high end brand presented the vision for the decoration and new shapes. In addition to wide range of products Verallia offers décor on the plants located in France and Poland.