Innovation Day 2018 - the latest achievements and new targets!

  17th of May Verallia Ukraine organized Innovation Day – the event on which the latest achievements of Verallia, innovations and know-how from different parts of the world were presented. To the audience of marketing people form the very beginning of the presentation we described the latest changes in the company, social projects, decoration features and for sure plans for the nearest future! Special attention was payed to student’s competition Verallia Design Awards. Winner of the first Ukrainian edition represented country on the Grands Final. Also, new services like MyVerallia, Glass School and new addition of Virtual Glass were introduced.

   In the next part of the presentation speaker described news of Verallia`s premium brand Selective Line. We presented news in La Collection, new concept for water Nomadic and sure the Style Book 2019. This book, created by the Carlin agency in collaboration with the Selective line marketing team, reveals the 3 design trends forecast for 2019. This anticipation is accompanied by ideas for decoration and new bottle shapes. The style book is presented to inspire future product development and to be at the forefront of packaging trends