Verallia supports Friends of Glass and its awareness campaign on protecting the oceans

The aim of this campaign? To make us even more conscious of how our lifestyles impact ocean pollution, and push us to make more sustainable consumer choices, particularly when it comes to glass packaging. 

This operation echoes the results of the study conducted by Friends of Glass showing that 73% of Europeans say that they are concerned about the impact of their behavior on the oceans, starting with the products they buy and the packaging used. 

Endlessly recyclable and neutralglass is one of the most sustainable and ecological packaging materials. Using glass packaging is a first smart move to work daily in favor of the oceans

Created by the Federation of European manufacturers of glass packaging (FEVE) in 2008, Friends of Glass has brought together a community of 220,000 people, in Europe and beyond, all of whom are passionate about their own environmental impact and who pledge to choose glass for a better planet and a healthier lifestyle


Watch the video of this campaign