Customer`s meeting in Poland

  Innovation day is our annual event, an opportunity for experts and leaders in the field of beverages production to connect and learn best practices around glass containers.

  On November 7th Verallia Ukraine together with Verallia Polska hosted its first event in Warsaw, which attracts more than 35 professionals form 14 leading Spirits producers of Poland.

The day involved presenting the latest packaging trends, new products and services offer and Virtual Glass – new packaging creation tool:

  • Stylebook reveals and decodes the design trends for 2020. This anticipation is enriched with ideas for new decorations and new bottle shapes
  • New products and decoration techniques aimed to discover technical possibilities of Verallia to support our customers in achieving their goals;
  • With the new version of its Virtual Glass packaging creation tool, Verallia enables its customers to obtain realistic renderings of their projects of exceptional quality and in record time


Verallia in Ukraine specializes in the spirits market, which it serves thanks in particular to its extra-flint furnace. The proportion of this production dedicated to high-end exports is increasing, mainly due to a differentiating offer including the decoration made by Verallia in its Polish facility.