An exceptional partnership for a unique collection: Selective Line, Verallia’s premium brand, has joined up with the designer Chantal Thomass to produce a collection of 2 “ haute couture ” bottles and their 18 variations.

  Inspired by the inimitable world of Chantal Thomass, this collection revisits the must-have patterns in fashion: Peter Pan collar, pearls, bows, buttons, padding. It will become a permanent addition to the Selective Line catalogue.

  The bottles and carafes are inspired by the codes of French elegance in an ultra-feminine style for a Collection never seen before in the world of luxury packaging. And this is actually one of the reasons that attracted Chantal Thomass: “ I’d never done this before! In fact, as someone particularly curious, this was great fun, I really like touching different worlds… The advantage of not being completely aware of the technicalities is that it gives you more design freedom… Glass is a very inspiring material and I’ve always loved glass… The key messages I try to communicate through my designs are femininity, beauty, style and freedom… ”