In November, Verallia in Ukraine celebrated its forty-fifth anniversary

On this occasion, the company prepared three events:

 -A party given on November 16, glassmakers’ day in Ukraine. All employees were invited to a variety of festivities;

 -November 19 was dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Selective Line, Verallia’s high-end brand;

 -And finally, the Zorya plant organized an Open Day for employees’ children


Verallia’s Ukranian plant, located in Zorya in the North-West of the country near Poland and Bielorussia, is ideally positioned to serve both the domestic market and adjacent markets

Verallia in Ukraine specializes in the spirits market, which it serves thanks in particular to its extra-flint furnace. The proportion of this production dedicated to high-end exports is increasing, mainly due to a differentiating offer including the decoration made by Verallia in its Polish facility. Verallia in Ukraine is also present on the food market.